Where Do “Saigoneses” Enjoy Their Evening In Ho Chi Minh City?

  • Coffee Shops

One of the most common activities at night for people in HCMC is enjoying a cup of coffee with friends. In Ho Chi Minh City, there are many coffee shops with different themes for you to choose from.

If travelers are into the typical espresso or other traditional coffees they have at home, the Highland Coffee shop chain will be suitable for them. Highland Coffee offers many different sorts of drinks from coffee to non-coffee drinks, from smoothies to soda. This coffee shop is assured to have the best quality, for espresso or ice-cap. The drinks are made following Western style recipe so the taste is strange to Vietnamese but would sure relieve tourists’ homesick.

Coffee Shop

Besides, travelers can go to the other famous coffee shops such as Thuc Coffee, Highland Coffee, Trung Nguyen Coffee, Bean Coffee, etc. Most coffee shops are on the crowded streets in Ho Chi Minh City. A common point in these coffee shops is the relaxing atmosphere with music played all the time. These coffee shops are suitable for friends meetings or couples with dancing, chatting, and singing all night. The design of coffee shops is also very beautiful with lights, comfortable sofas and great music that make guests peaceful when they walk through the door.

Moreover, tourists could search the address of coffee shops on Google Map because these are located almost districts in Ho Chi Minh City. There are local favorite stops as well, which in fact attracts the majority of coffee lovers at night.  

  • Bars and Pubs

If you are the one who love music and dancing, bars and pubs are the top list for activities at night in Ho Chi Minh City because the atmosphere at bars/pubs are usually lively with loud dance music. What an ideal place for relaxation!  

The atmosphere in these bars is quite exciting and sociable so it is easy to get known to more new friends. A recommended bar is Propeller rooftop bar of Bay Hotel at 7 Ngo Van Nam Street, District 1. This bar usually has a wide variety of food and drinks.

Propeller rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City

Food here is mainly snacks going with beers and wine for men to enjoy. Cocktails and mocktails are more popular for women, though by no means is it exclusively offered based on gender. Cocktails and mocktails are usually made from different wine, juice and fruit, creating a delicious and tropical taste which is not easily found in other places around the world.

  • Movie Theatre

Movie Theater is also an interesting place to spend time with family; friends or lovers. Everyone can watch the latest blockbusters together, give comments about the movies or discuss about the content of each movie together for a lesson learned from them. The movie theater is not a good place for chatting and discussing, though.

Movie Theatre

There are many cinemas in Ho Chi Minh City with quality of the screen, sound and seats or couple seats which gives guests the best view of the screen and comfortable private space for couples. Moreover, the ticket fee is not high. At night, the ticket is higher on weekend a little bit.

The most popular cinema in Ho Chi Minh City as Galaxy, BHD, CGV, Lotte, Cinebox, Megastar, Cinestar.

  • Night Markets

Night markets is one of the best things attract many young people and tourists every night. Travelers can go with a group of friends, spend time finding out a cute outfit and accessories, have fun in bargaining. That is a specific of Vietnamese markets.

Hanging out at night markets is enjoyable to many people. At night markets, people sell everything from clothes, accessories to food or drinks. There is some night market pretty small and crowded; tourists are still interested in moving around the crowd and finding their favorite clothes with colorful and modern styles.

Night Market in HCMC

Ben Thanh market is more common to foreigners. Because of the location in the cener of the city, foreigners who enjoyed walking around at nights can take the chance to visit Ben Thanh night market. This market also sells clothes with a wider variety of styles which are suitable for different ages. Moreover, it also sells some Vietnamese souvenirs which are unique like handmade stuffs, handicrafts, accessories and many more.

Other night markets: Ho Thi Ky night market, Binh Tay night market, Ky Hoa night market, Ba Chieu night market, Hanh Thong Tay night market, etc.