Propeller Rooftop Bar


Ho Chi Minh City is known as “the city that never sleeps” in Vietnam by local residents and tourists because of its bustling night time activities. Most of foreign tourists going to Ho Chi Minh City want to seek the best places where they can experience a full view of the cascading city with lights blazing from every skyscraper. In this case, rooftop bar will be the best choice for travelers to get chills and romantic feeling.


Although there are hundreds of bars, the Propeller in Bay Hotel can be considered to be one of the best rooftop bars in Ho Chi Minh city. Propeller, which was built in 2016 in true Singapore style, will bring tourists a wonderful experience through its open space. This bar is a solemnized venue, where the guests enjoy drinking a cocktail glass on the rooftop; and see a bustling nightlife of urban residents because the Propeller Bar is located in a favorable location in Ho Chi Minh City.


Travelers can easily obtain pleasant feeling by the time they open the door. The bar is generally designed into two precincts: outdoor and indoor. The guests will receive warm welcome from our friendly waiters/waitresses. If the guests would like to experience a stunning view of this city, they should choose the seats which face Saigon River. This is the most appealing characteristic of Propeller bar

Of course, the best place must come along with the best drinks. By the time, the guests open their menu, a sweet fragrant will stimulate their appetite, this is truly one-of-a-kind impression of Propeller, which is on 7 Ngo Van Nam Street in Ho Chi Minh City. A long list of drinks, especially globally-inspired cocktails is frequently well-prepared to serve strict customers. By night time, in the glittering lights of the city, the guests sip on cocktails and get their minds off of everything with music. That will make whoever comes to Propeller for the first time a red-letter night.

Moreover, the combination of the lush couches, Classic and Electric Dance Music and Asian cuisines such as fresh spring roll with pork dumping, grilled chicken wing with BBQ sauce, seafood combo (squid, cobia steak, prawn with fish sauce), created by the best chefs of Propeller Bar will definitely satisfy the drink and food aficionados.


Acrossing the romantic indoor space, the second door will be opened to welcome people from all ages with an open space of the bar where the guests can see the enchanting sunset if they come here before 6:00 p.m. At night, they get a chance to be excited about the cabana-inspired pavilion under a canopy of star-studded night sky. Feel at one with nature when the guests dine in the rustic open space, decked with architectural elements of quartz, marble, granite and timber. On the cozy couches, the guests enjoy the fabulous drinks list – and some great brews – and snack on delicious gourmet many items to the smell of Asian cuisine. But there’s no denying that the allure of the dazzling city view petering out into the distance as the glittering lights which are particularly fairytale-like brings people the vibrations well into the nights. The adjoining lights with its garden atmosphere promise it’s a best venue to organize a party outside with friends or it’s just a romantic destination for couples who expect to seek a place which can set a most relaxing mood for them. The Propeller rooftop bar in Bay Hotel is one of the greatest refreshing venues for everyone to relax in the funky casual indoor or in the open-air courtyard. To get a good seat, people should contact directly to book in advance to enjoy premium drinks with stylish concoction in this quintessentially classic bar.


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