Satisfy your taste buds with our revamped menu and savour delights from all over Asia

Launching on Monday 03rd March, the new menu has been developed by our head chef and his passionate team.

The new dishes will showcase some of the most celebrated Asian flavours and ingredients, blended with contemporary influences and cooking methods that promise to deliver a superb menu.

Diners can expect to see new dishes such as a French-inspired Vietnamese “stir and shake” marinated beef cubes served with steamed rice.

A new beverage menu will also be introduced including legendary Egg Coffee, Espresso Tonic and Alcohol Beverage such as : Saigon Pho comprise of gin, cointreau, lemon juice, pomelo, coriander and pepper.

As part of the launch, the restaurant will be offering 10% discount on the new la carte menu from March 03rd – April 03rd , 2020, throughout the day.

Advanced booking is avisable. For reservations please send an email to chic@bayhotelhcm.com or call 028 3829 6666 (ext. 7230)